ECTN LC makes available the essential documents that describe the Eurolabels and allow preparation of the self-assessment report.
Please download what necessary, ask for missing material or info. Downloadable links are in the column "Format".

Downloadable documents Format (size kb) Version No
Chemistry Eurobachelor® Documents:
Chemistry Eurobachelor® GuidelinesPDF (343)01.2019
Chemistry Eurobachelor® DocumentationPDF (262)01,2019
Chemistry Eurobachelor® FormsDOCX (350)01.2019
Chemistry Eurobachelor® GlossaryPDF (194)01.2019
Chemistry Eurobachelor® LogoGIF in DOCX (112)06-2021
Chemistry Euromaster® Documents:
Chemistry and Chemical Technology Euromaster® GuidelinesPDF (344)01.2019
Chemistry Euromaster® DocumentationPDF (616)04.2010
Chemical Technology Euromaster® DocumentationPDF (107)10.2011
Chemistry and Chemical Technology Euromaster® FormsPDF (348)01.2019
Euromaster® LogoGIF ín DOCX (108)06.2021
Chemistry Doctorate Eurolabel® Documents:
Chemistry Doctorate Eurolabel® GuidelinesPDF (330)01.2019
Chemistry Doctorate Eurolabel® DocumentationPDF (63)10.2011
Chemistry Doctorate Eurolabel® FormsDOCX (343)01.2019
Chemistry Doctorate Eurolabel® GuidancePDF (761)10.2011
Chemistry Doctorate Eurolabel® LogoGIF in DOCX (148)06.2021
Eurolabel® Renewal Documents:
Renewal GuidelinesPDF (315)01.2019
Student Mobility Database FormDOC (367)11.2020
Eurolabel® LogoGIF in DOCX (114)06.2021
TUNING Chemistry Subject Area BrochurePDF (593)05.2008
ECTN Eurolabel Application ProcessPDF (129)01.2020
ECTN Eurolabel Application FeesPDF (197)04.2019
ECTS Grading Scale 2015PDF (189)01.2019
ECTN Code of ConductPDF (156)01.2019
Diploma SupplementDOCX (79)01.2018
The Diploma Supplement Explanatory NotesPDF (894)01.2018

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